Womens Sufferage

Women 's Suffrage Movement

The right to vote has been an ongoing struggle for women throughout the world . Women have campaigned for more than 113 years for the right to vote . The initial goal for the women 's suffrage movement was to gain an equal vote to men . In most countries around the world this has happened but still in a few countries , women still are left out of the decision making process during elections . How can something so simple as a vote raise such controversy in society

The right to vote

is symbolic of equality in a society that refuses to see women as equal to men . The issue of equality is the real issue that must be addressed . The foundation of the women 's suffrage movement is the struggle is to be recognized in society as equal to men and to be recognized as a contributing part of society . Gender bias , religious traditions , and resistance to change are several reasons why women still are denied the right to vote in some areas of the world

Gender bias focuses on the emotional make up of a woman and is one reason women are often not viewed as equals in society . The main premise behind gender bias is that in some way the ability to feel and identify with feelings somehow prevents women from making sound judgments . This is certainly not the case if we were to look at the many women leaders who not only take care of their family responsibilities , and still contribute to society in a meaningful manner

Religious beliefs are another reason the struggle for women 's suffrage continues . The Vatican City still does not allow women to vote . Only the Cardinals , which are men , have this right to vote . This stems from a deep-rooted tradition that maintains that men and women have different roles in society and in the church . The Muslim countries Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates still do not allow women to vote based on religious beliefs that are deep rooted

Traditionally women 's role in society has been to be a wife ,...