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Classic Airlines: Classic Market
Naomi Wright
November 18, 2008
MKT 571
University of Phoenix

Classic Airlines: Classic Market
Classic Airlines, like many airlines after September 11, 2001, faced problems with fulfilling their flights and retaining customers. Beyond their problem with retention, they were also faced with the task of implementing a marketing plan that would ensure an increase in frequent fliers. In creating their new marketing plan, Classic airlines are implementing the value chain, creating strategic plans for the organization, and allowing the feedback to assist in future marketing endeavors.
The Value Chain
One of the biggest issues for the organization is that they have lost the connection with some of their most loyal customers. Kevin, the new Chief Marketing Officer for Classic, has suggested that the team implement a process to help reconnect and truly understand what the customer wants. In a conversation with Renee Epson, he stated, “Value and price are not the same thing. If we can make people feel good about the money they spend to fly with Classic, they’ll be less concerned about every penny.” (Scenario: Classic Airlines, p 9)
By using the examples that other airline companies had that assisted in the growth of their company and what not to do to decrease the customer retention, Classic is starting to create the new environment for the customer. Making the customer feel appreciated and wanted, will create a loyal customer base that Classic will need to survive the harsh times of the airline industry.
Strategic Plans
Classic is completing the first step of the strategic plan by creating a survey that gauges the needs and wants of the customer. In order to insure that the customer is completely satisfied, Classic Airlines must implement a plan of action. The first part of implementing the plan of action is organizing the needs and concerns of the customer. Knowing that the customer is not...