Cis 207 New System Proposal

New System Proposal
Aleemah Perry, Benjamin Brigman, Tameaka Fleming, Luis Lugardo
March 16, 2015
Bradley Hulce

The Benefits of a New System
In the Riordan overview and network in which consist of many employees within the network show that there is a concern when it comes to ethics. These kind of individuals need to take the necessary trainings that better help employees with higher standards and issues with privacy. Often than most, the new system can ensure the confidentiality of employee records, control data breaches, and make sure the job environment is safe and secure. The ethical standards that can lead to issues within the network and those that have extreme knowledge of other employee’s information that can be hacked into making it very vulnerable to stealing private and personal information about the employees.
Abuse of authority occurs in many companies, where the biggest concerns are lack of ethics and privacy. Some of the largest companies are guilty of hacking different networks stealing viable information from one network to another.   This attributes to the lack of employee moral obligations to turn someone in if they are using the company’s documents or violating the government laws and privacy.   In which then it becomes the company’s responsibility to make it stricter in policy and mandates.
With new systems this can help a great deal with decision making and future plans. It will provide the employees with direct access to the link in the internet system for a couple of reasons. First, it will provide a single access point to all employees whether it be working at Riordan locations or at teleworking. This system also will support those employees who travel the ability to provide good services and less difficulty when trying to access the internet.   In addition with the full description of these services it helps with transitioning of sales, recording instantaneously the entries being presented for the businesses and or...