Christanity Essay

Christianity is one of the Semitic, living religion that inspires the lives of adherents through significant aspects of tradition; principle beliefs, sacred texts and writings, core ethical teaching and personal devotion. Christians live out their life with teachings that have long survived since the time of Jesus. Till this day in modern society, the context of the Bible and ethical teachings are continuously applied to practice and the life of the everyday believer.

The sacred text of the Bible is considered of utmost importance to Christians as it teaches them the nature of God and the teachings of Jesus with themes about ‘love your God and your neighbour’ (Mark 12: 30-31), that ‘prayer is likened to a person talking to God as a friend’ (Exodus 33:11) and various others. The teachings can influence adherents changing their behaviour and certain perspectives about issues in life. Additionally, it gives them a clear understanding on how to make decisions and how to act in certain situations, such as in times when we commit a wrong deed or views about conflict and enemies and the way they perceive those who are unfortunate and poor.  

Prior to this, adherents learn not to judge what is in front of their eyes, as quoted “Do not judge and you will not be judged. In the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and the measure you use for others will be used for you” (Matthew 7: 1-3). Christians are greatly influenced by the Bible that through practice, it is used in domestic rituals such as grace before meals, prayers at bedtime and the blessing of home. It is because of the Bible and its writings that adherents strengthen their relationship with God and demonstrate to modern society “do to others whatever you would that others do to you” (Matthew 7:12) and the belief that Jesus is the ‘Word of God made flesh’ (Revelations 19:13).

The ethical teachings in Christianity exist within various passages of the Bible. As previously mentioned, it contains...