Childrens Development

Development – Ages 0-3 years
Physical development
By 6 months old, a child will be able to turn their head toward sounds and movement, they can watch and smile at familiar faces and voices, they should be able to look and reach for objects, recognise their hands and feet, Hold certain objects e.g rattles, and will put the majority of things in their mouths.
Between 6 months and 1 year, they should be beginning to sit down unassisted, and start to crawl or shuffle along their bums, from a sitting position. Often Children of this age will start to pull on or push against adult hands or furniture to reach a standing position, they can recognise familiar people and will reach their arms out to be lifted, they can also recognise when their name is being called out, and will turn and look up. When playing at this age children, will pat and poke objects and feel out for different textures, they will pass objects from hand to hand, look for things that have been dropped and reach their hand towards a source of food.
Between one and two years, children will begin to walk, will be able to feed themselves, and will push and pull toys while walking, wave goodbye at familiar faces and give ‘kisses’.   They will point or make noises to indicate certain objects that they want, shake their head to indicate saying no to something, most little children will want to crawl up the stairs, will stoop down to try to pick something up from the floor, and by developing the use of the thumb and finger to grip, they will enjoy picture books, and hold crayons in their palm and make marks on paper. Between two and three years, they will be building large brick towers, throwing, kicking balls, they will often be kneeling to play, and advance from holding a crayon and marking paper, to use pencils and make more prominent scribbles.
Social and Emotional development
Newborns to 3 month olds will respond to adults especially their parents face and voice, they will smile, and...