Children Development

Physical Development
Communication and Intellectual development Social, Emotional and Behavioural development
0-6 months
Swallowing and sucking reflexes.

Rolls over.

Childs sits up with support. Babies cry when they require your attention.

Babies like to look around and react to sounds.

Babies Respond differently to different tones of voices. Babies sleep most of the time and cry when hungry.

Babies smile back when they see a smiling face.

Babies left arms to show parents they want to be picked up.

1 years  
Enjoys self-feeding.

Starting to show hand preference.

Mobile through crawling or shuffling. Knows own name.

Knows how to Waving bye-bye.

Can respond to simple instructions. Crying if they cannot see their parent or carer.

Children become aware of themselves as individuals.

Will play alone.
2 years

Running and climbing.

Builds a tower of six bricks.

Playing on sit-and-ride-toys. Can generalise words.

Can Count to ten.

Can point at familiar objects and name them.
A child knows he’s or hers own identity.

Anger and Frustration if a child cannot get to do what they want to do.

Keen to show things to adults.

3 years
Can stand, Walk and run on Tiptoe.

Able to use the toilet.

A child Can draw a face. Holds simple conversation
Likes to play with sand and water.

Frequent question why? Who? And what for?

Strangers can understand a child. Enjoys dressing up and playing with small world toys.

Stable and emotionally secure.

Has Greater social awareness.
4 years
A child Can brush own teeth.

Beginning to do up buttons sand fasten zips.

Cuts round an object with scissors and copies a square. Knows parts of body and animals.

Enjoys Asking questions and talking.

New words added regularly. Responds to reasoning.

Very sociable and talkative.

Enjoys co-operative and dramatic play.
5 years
Easily dresses and undresses.

A child can kick and control a ball...