Key Aspects of Childrens Development

I am currently working with children aged 7 – 8.   The key aspects of development for this age range include:


    • Body proportions and motor skills become more defined with improved co-ordination, rhythm, stamina and strength
    • Able to run, jump, skip, hit a ball, climb and swing

Communication and Intellectual

    • Speaks fluently and is more self-assured
    • Able to tell the time & have some understanding of money
    • Able to read to themselves and write sentences
    • Begins to rationalise problems

Social, Emotional and Behavioural

    • Enjoys interacting with peers and playing team games
    • Starts to form closer relationships
    • Wants to fit in with peer groups
    • Begins to take other’s perspective

Several influences from a child’s background have the potential to impact on some or all of the areas of development.   The influences most likely to have bearing may include neglect, parenting styles, family dynamics, illness/disability/disorder and learning environment.   For example, if a child encounters neglect, they may be subject to verbal & physical abuse which would adversely affect their emotional and social development.   They could become withdrawn, angry or sad and may be wary of adults.   Early self-reliance may result in poor hygiene and inadequate nutrition which would be detrimental to their physical development.   They might not attend school on a regular basis which may well impact on their intellectual development.

Possible transitions experienced by this age group could include the arrival of a new baby, a family split or the death of a grandparent or pet.   Many transitions can be emotionally disruptive and confusing for the child, which may be reflected in changed behaviour.   They could demonstrate attention seeking behaviour, have uncharacteristic lack of concentration or a talkative child may be unwilling to communicate.   In the instance of a family split, for example, not only does the...