Children Should Begin Learning a Foreign Language as Soon as They Start School

Nowadays, we are living in a global village due to the human’s recent inventions and technologies. Most countries are receptive to immigrants from all over the world, providing a peaceful atmosphere for them, so they can work, study, and live in welfare. Nevertheless, the first requirement for traveling or immigrating to other countries is learning their native language. As a matter of fact, the better someone speaks a foreign language, the easier he/she is accepted in that country. From my point of view, starting to learn at younger ages has an enormous effect on the quality of learning.

First of all, children often imitate exactly what they hear, so they are able to acquire correct pronunciations faster than adults. Where adult learners must go through an established learning system, studying explicit grammar rules and practicing a lot, the young learners learn naturally, as they did their mother tongue because the young brain is more flexible. For instance, I have a five year old niece who has just begun the learning process, and the results are amazing. She memorizes a lot of new words every day due to having no distractions or concerns in her life compared with adults.

Secondly, learning a new language at younger ages boosts the confidence. For children, the feeling of accomplishment that comes with their first steps toward a second language can propel them to a deeper passion for learning in general. I experienced the delight of learning at the age of 6 when I was enrolled in an English class. Not only had I so much fun learning, I got so confident and enthusiastic to learn more and more. Learning English gave me such a pleasure that I wanted to experience all kinds of adventure.

To sum it up, however some people believe that learning a foreign language at young ages has some disadvantages, in my idea it is so beneficial to children. Because first of all, they can learn it more accurate, secondly, it helps them improve their confidence, and last but...