Foreign Language

One skill that I think many people do not have but could benefit from mastering is learning a foreign language.   Business, political and educational leaders are realizing that the whole world does not speak English.   In fact, many of those people who have learned English as a second language prefer to converse and negotiate business in their own native language.   Knowing a second language is now a very important part for an immense number of careers.   Not only can it help with getting a job, but it can also take part in helping them get a promotion or a raise.   Sometimes, knowing or not knowing a second language can even be the deciding factor in whether or not an employer hires them.  

Not only can learning a foreign language help you find a job, but what about traveling abroad?   It is a common desire amongst Americans to travel abroad.   A few generations ago, people rarely traveled outside of their home states, but today the number of people traveling abroad has increased greatly.   People travel to North and South American countries, and to Europe, and even to Asia and Africa, not only for pleasure but for work as well.   Of course it is possible to travel to foreign countries and not speak their language, it would be impossible to learn the language of every country you went to visit.   However, if you were to visit a foreign country already knowing the country's language as well as their history, you will have a more pleasant experience and a better understanding of the country and their culture.

Learning a foreign language can also help improve cultural understanding and mutual communications.   International businesses have multiplied.   It is often difficult to achieve mutual understanding and communication between nations, and learning foreign languages can help to achieve this goal, simply because studying a foreign language is the most effective tool to break down the barrier of a single language and a single culture.   It also enables people to achieve...