Career Opprotunities Using Foreign Language

Career Opportunities using Foreign Language
      In the modern world with increased diversity, especially in the United States, knowing a foreign language has become more useful and important.   Spanish, like most other languages, can be useful in many careers.  
    Professions like translators and interpreters are in higher demand as more people come to a country which speaks a language that they don’t speak.   Interpretation and translation is often used interchangeably, although there are several differences in the training, knowledge and skills used in each.
    Translators translate written material from one language to another.   It is important for a translator to have an excellent understanding of the language that they are translating to and from.   Translators utilize reference materials such as dictionaries, the internet and other reference materials therefore fluency in the language is not essential although a good knowledge of the language is necessary.   Most translators translate documents such as product manuals, business reports and correspondence, legal documents, websites, subtitles for films, song lyrics, and literature from one language to another.   Usually translators translate documents in another language to their native language.  
    Interpreters work with the spoken word and are often used at conferences, meetings, trials, and hospitals.   The first type of interpreting is simultaneous interpreting.   This is usually happens at large conferences, and political meetings.   The interpreter usually sits in a sound proof booth listening on headphones to the speech in a foreign language and at the same time, they translate it to the native language so that the delegates who speak that language can understand what is going on.   These interpreters often work in teams with each individual working 15-20 minutes at a time.   This is usually a high paid job because of the high pressure and stressful conditions.
    The other type of interpreting...