Learning Foreign Languages Leads to Success

Learning foreign languages leads to success.

In the period of globalization and world integration it is obviously very important to learn foreign languages. I strongly believe that with the knowledge of foreign languages a person has a lot of advantages in different spheres of life which will help him to be successful.
First of all, learning a foreign language gives you an opportunity to study abroad and get a qualitative education in best universities of the world. Indeed, there are a great number of various programs and scholarships like “Bolashak”, Erasmus Mundus, IREX and others, which provide students not only with free education, but also with a monthly stipend and other expenses. Thus, the first thing you need to study abroad is the knowledge of a foreign language.
Second, knowing a foreign language will increase your options when it comes to your chosen career. Banks, technology companies, consulting firms, international trading firms, and educational institutions around the world are always looking to give well-paying jobs to people who speak a foreign language. Moreover, if you are a free foreign language user there will be many possibilities in your career growth. If your company is involved in international affairs, you must know at least the basis of the language of a partner to find a common ground with your foreign co-workers.
Finally, foreign languages expand your social network. As you study a foreign language, you will inevitably be exposed to the culture, history and sociology of the regions or countries with which your language is associated. It opens up new avenues and new ideas and provides a broader way of viewing the world.
For the reasons above I have come to believe in the inherent value of learning and mastering a foreign language. Whether you intend to get a good education, find a prestigious work or just want to expand your awareness, learning a foreign language may be one of the best investments in your future success.