Most people have the mistaken idea that geniuses are born, not made.
“Every child is born a genius” – Albert Einstein. And I agree with him
The first key to upbringing the genius in your child is to surround her /him with loving, engaged adults. Parents, of course, are the primary influence on a child's inner genius. Other adults include grandparents, retired neighbors. The goal is to enrich your child's life with significant positive adult interaction. The choice of activities with your child's new friend is vast. Playing games, putting together puzzles, and exploring the child's surroundings are all positive options.
Children also flourish in a print-rich environment. Books are the best investment parents can make in their child's future. They should read to their children books, explain something difficult. A child should elook and make conclusions on anything he reads and observes.
The foundations of genius:
-Parents who believed in their abilities as children and supported them in everything/
-a child should Learn something new and valuable each day.
-develop Individual abilities in various fields
-Opportunities to develop their own individual gifts and talents(have computer, go to some sections)
-Discovery, recognition and appreciation of their abilities by others.(parents should be interested in their chilld’s hobbies, what they like and dislike)
In the age of computers in our modern day, we can use home based child education programs for children development to teach your baby reading or baby math.   Yes, your baby can start reading early with the right method and attitude. You can teach your baby reading or math, without the stress and it can be fun.
So with proper guidance in their early years, any child can develop their gifts and talents.   It is up to   parents to guide them along their way.   With a well thought out home based program, you can develop the true potential in your child to realize their own genius within.