Cognitive Views

In reading the text I have struggled a bit in deciding which view I employ the most.   In thinking about it more and reading the examples over a couple of times.   I have decided I employ a more Social view when I write and also how I talk.   But then thinking further into it I think I employ a mix of each view, however mostly a social view.   I'm not sure it's good to mix which maybe tells me its a good thing I'm learning more about writing correctly in this class.

A classical view has to do with audience that we know and that are identifiable by age, culture, demographics. etc. This view is more to addressing all audiences.   Maybe writing a childrens book would be a good example of a classical view?

A cognitive view has to do with the way a writer puts his ideas together.   A good example would be reading a text book, the ideas designed to teach or inform unknown audiences. There are highlighted ideas like a text book would have to help guide you through the book.

A social view which I think most of my style come from is centered from talking about things that I'm interested in and things that I think my audience would be interested in.   I was thinking maybe a social view would be like writing a biography or something? Or maybe social media?

Not sure I completely understand the differences I'm interested to read everyone elses take on the subject.