Unit 022
Outcome 1

Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth – 19 years?
The sequence of development from birth – 19 years involves how we need learn to   develop the muscle in our necks to be able to lift our heads , learn to sit up before we can stand , learn stand before we can walk , walk before we can run and so for we have to go through this sequence to grow and develop . When working with children and young people, it is important to have an idea of typical development for their age. An individual child’s rate of development may vary as they develop at their own unique pace. Their own communication will develop by crying for their milk from birth to then going on to babbling, saying their first words to then saying sentences and having conversations. This will be different in each child due to many aspects, their environment around them, who cares for them and looks after them, or may have a health issue. Some children may talk at a younger age than they can walk as this is because each child develops at a different rate. Young children’s social, emotional and behavioral development will be different in each and every child as some children may be an only child and only use to adults around them this may affect their social development as they will not be used to other children around them, other children may be used to having brothers and sisters around them and coming into a school or nursery setting might be easier for them as they are used to other children but their behavior may be affected. Children and young people’s cognitive development will develop at different stages of their life when first born babies will have many reflexes which they perform without thinking. At a month old they will stop crying because they hear a familiar voice. This may develop at different times for each child as all children; babies and young people develop at different rates as they are unique.

Explain the difference between...