Child Development Chart from 0-19years Old

TDA 2.1: Child and young person development
2.1/1/1 Describe the expected pattern of children and young people's development from birth to 19 years, to include:
Age     | Physical Development     | Communication & Intellectual Development     | Social, Emotional & Behavioural Development     |
0-1 year     | Gross motor skills - At 1week-4 weeks, the baby lies supine. The baby lies with head turned to one side when placed prone. The head will lag if pulled to sitting position.   - At 4-8 weeks, the baby can turn from side to back, lift the head briefly from the prone position, arm and leg movements are jerky and uncontrolled and there is head lag if the baby is pulled to sitting position.   - At 8-12 weeks, the baby's head is in a central position when lying supine, can lift head and chest off bed in prone position, almost no head lag in sitting position, the legs can kick vigorously.   - At 4-6 months, the baby is beginning to use a palmar grasp and can transfer objects from hand to hand. Every thing is taken to the mouth. The baby moves his or her head around to follow people and objects.   - At 6-9 months, the baby can roll from front to back, may attempt to crawl but will often end up sliding backwards, can sit without support for longer periods of time.     | Communication development - At 1week-4 weeks, the baby responds to sounds, especially familiar voices. The baby quietens when picked up. The baby makes eye contact, move his or her eyes towards the direction of sound. The baby cries to indicate need, e.g. hunger, dirty nappy, etc.   - At 4-8 weeks, the baby recognises the carer and familiar objects. The baby makes non-crying noises such as cooing and gurgling.   - At 8-12 weeks, the baby is still distressed by sudden loud noises. The baby often sucks or licks lips when he or she hears sound of food preparation. The baby shows excitement at sound of approaching footsteps of voices. During the first 3 months, the baby is comforted by the...