Counselling Skills Level 2 Personal Development Essay

Personal Development Essay

In this personal development essay I will be covering the topics of my goals when coming to the course, my challenges and achievements, difference and diversity, life history and relationships. I will first speak about the goals I delineated at the beginning of the course.

Learning Goals
At the beginning of the course I expressed that I wanted to refresh my learning from my previous counselling skills practice courses. I feel that during this course I achieved this goal and learned more about the art of listening and empathy. I found that I was able to remember what I learned before and supplement my learning further with feedback from my peers and tutor.

My biggest challenge on this course was an adjustment to a difference in learning style of my current tutor. In my previous courses we did many practical activities to learn about the subject matters. These included timelines, collages, mandalas and role play. I felt that I missed this aspect of the course because I am a kinaesthetic learner and find these kinds of exercises impress knowledge upon me the most. I also found it challenging performing the exercise where I had to explain some unknown things about myself to the class because I do not associate with many aspects of my life before I came to be a Hare Krishna monk. This is somewhere where I need to find the balance between spiritual life and disassociation.

Difference and Diversity
During the exercise on Saturday I found myself feeling very uncomfortable at one peer’s emotional expressions. Perhaps it is me being judgemental, but I felt that the tears coming from this particular peer when speaking about her “best friend” were not from a genuine place. Something was grating within me during the whole session. Looking within myself I found that I was analysing the situation and could not understand it at all, how this best friend’s death had been the cause of all this...