Platinum is a special metal because it could be called a noble metal (Newton, Baker, 2005, pg.1) Platinum symbol is Pt and also a metal (University of California, 2003). Since platinum is a transition metal it has the atomic number of seventy-six (University of California, 2003). In addition, this means that platinum belongs to group number VIII B (Stwertka, 1996, pg.175). In order for this to work, platinum has to have the atomic mass of 195.05 (University of California, 2003).
Platinum was not just placed on the earth, it was founded by Charles Woods   in 1941 (Stwertka, 1996, pg.176). Also, evidence shows that pre-Columbian Indians of Americas used platinum (Stwertka, 1996, pg.175). The word platinum comes from Spanish word platina, which means “silver.” This would make sense because when platinum is found it is a silvery white color when pure (Stwertka, 1996, pg.176). In addition, platinum can found freely in nature. It also can be found in deposits of sands, found in the Ural Mountains, Columbia, and the western United States. (Stwertka, 1996, pg.176) Platinum is estimated crustal abundance is 5×10-3 milligrams per kilogram(Stwertka, 1996, pg.176). The most common isotopes for platinum are Pt-196 used in experiments to test nuclear models. Also, both Pt-194 and Pt-196 are used in research for dipole strength and models. Pt-195 used for the production of the radioisotope Pt-195m used for cancer diagnosis and therapy. Finally, Pt-194 is used for the production of the medical radioisotopes Hg-195m. (Stwertka, 1996, pg.177) Platinum is used everyday without any notice of it.
Almost everyday a person uses platinum. Platinum has many uses. Platinum can be used in industry, medical, dentistry, electrical, electronic, measurement, glassware, automobiles, and petroleum refining (Stwertka, 1996, pg.176). First, platinum can stop the growth of different types of cancerous tumors.This is done with the radioisotope Pt-195m (Stwertka, 1996, pg.176). In addition,...