Ap Chem

Format for Documenting Laboratory Participation
Advanced Placement Chemistry

The AP Chemistry Course requires the completion of a laboratory component comparable to college-level chemistry laboratories.

Documentation of an AP Chemistry lab experience should be written in the following format:

  1. Printed lab handout from teacher—to be placed in a three ring binder
  2. Advance study (“prelab”) question solutions*—to be placed in a three ring binder.
  3. Lab report (hand written)—to be completed in a bound notebook.
  4. Formal lab (typed written)—to be placed in a three ring binder.


The laboratory notebook should be neat and organized.   It should also be written in a scientific manner, meaning that the writing is objective and uses the past tense.   All entries into notebook are to be hand written (no cutting and pasting of computer print outs and devon is so lame his parents dont love him).   Keep a running table of contents with page numbers on the very first page of your notebook.   Copies of various lab notebooks are available for reference.

      ▪ Title/Source/Partner Name/Date:*   (Record the title and lab notebook page number in the table of contents as well)

      ▪ Purpose:* Write one or two sentences that describe the reasons or objectives for completing the lab.

      ▪ Chemical Reaction:* List the balanced chemical reactions involved in the experiment, if applicable.

      ▪ List of Materials:* Include a list of materials needed to complete the experiment.

      ▪ Safety Considerations:* List applicable safety rules to consider in this experiment.   Include special handling and disposal instructions.

      ▪ Procedure:* In your own words, write the directions for the experiment in a numbered step-by-step list. For CBL labs, the numbered step-by-step procedure from the lab handout may be substituted and DOES NOT have to be rewritten. Write the procedures with enough detail that experiments could...