Checklist for Itq Level 2 Unit 207

Unit 207-Using the Internet Assessment Checklist
Course: IT Users Level 2
 A. Knowledge of Word Processing
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Using the InternetCan you: |
    * Create a Folder |   |   | On the Keyboard, Press CTRL then Shift then NGive your folder and namePress the Enter Key |
    * What is a Search tool? | | | A program that searches for and identifies items in a database that correspond to keywords or characters specified by the user, used especially for finding particular sites on the World Wide Web. For Example: Google Web Search, Bing, Yahoo Search etc.NB: A search engine is one type of search tool. See more Search Engines at this link: |
    * Understand the purpose of a browser and give examples | | | A Browser is a program that allows you to access the World Wide Web (WWW).For Example: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc… |
    * Do a Screen Shot. |   |   | Press the Print Screen button on the KeyboardOpen MS Word and press CTRL then V to Paste the image into your document |
| | | |
    * Copy and Moving text | | | You must highlight the text you want to copy or move first.To copy text press CTRL then C on the Keyboard and Move your ‘insertion point’ to where you want the text to go. Now, press CTRL then V.To Move text press CTRL then X on the Keyboard and Move your insertion point to where you want the text to go. Now, press CTRL then V (to paste). |
    * Identify Communication Software |   |   |  This includes applications like: Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Google Talk.NB: You can research more… |
    * Why you would change your browser settings to aid navigation | | | *If you use a regular website it saves time to make it the default website.*Users may only require text information so could disable images to make the...