Nvq Level 2 Unit 207

Unit 207 Implement person centred approaches in Health and Social Care
Outcome 1 Understand peson centred approaches for care and support
      1.1 To ensure that a service user is at the centre of planning and support and promt their choice,dignity,rights and respect.
      1.2 Its important we work this way that embeds person centre vavules to promiote individuality allowing the service user to make their decisions and choices, as well as understand the possible conseques of their choice that may relate to their own health.
      1.3 Taking risks means that they are able to choose what they do, you need to ensure that concerns about taking risks is not stopping them living the way they want to .
      1.4 By using the care plan will ensure that the service own needs and wishes are being met. By using the care plan you can build on what they want and see if there are any gaps that can be addressed.

Outcome 3 Be able to establish consent when providing care or   support
3.1 Its important to establish any consent because its basic human right for everyone to have the choice. Much of the support a service user receives is personal, so consent is essential as it protects workers against legal action and asking for consent is also part of the code of practise.
3.3 Whilst complying with legal requirements we must act in the best interest of the service user, work towards solving problems wit the use of extra support and also contact next of kin and record all information.

Outcome 4 Be able to encourage active participation
4.1 By encouraging service users to participate in they own care, this can then prompt other physical benefits like increase their independence and self confidence.
4.2 Some possible barriers could be emotions,disabilities,attiude and low self esteem.

Outcome 5 Be able to support the individual’s right to make choices
5.3 Personal views may rule things out for the service user, workers personal views may prevent service users making...