Personal Statement
                                                              By Robert Priestley
                                                                                                                              July 2010

My name is Robert Priestley, and I have over forty years experience in the gas industry, and I feel that by obtaining the A1 assessors award, I will be able help up and coming gas engineers.
My job when a candidate comes to Camborne College is to prove that he is competent in working with gas, but at the moment I have only been assessing candidates who are trying to get there CCN1, which is a level 3 award, but before they can achieve this, they first must have their level 2 in plumbing, and it is only then, that they can go on to get further training by the college to obtain their Level 3 in gas.
The CCN1 is the domestic core gas safety qualification for all new gas candidates who wish to install domestic gas pipe-work. The CCN1 unit forms the basis for all other domestic gas units i.e. all gas appliances.   It is not possible to proceed to get further domestic qualifications without holding this qualification, so once a candidate passes the CCN1, they can then proceed to go for their other domestic gas units i.e. CEN1 (Central Heating Boilers)   CPA1 (Combustion Performance Analysis)   CKR1 (Cookers) etc.
Once a candidate is ready to take his CCN1, the tutor of the College, where they have been training, gets in touch with John Mabbett at Camborne College to book an acceptable time for all concerned, the maximum that can be assessed at one time is four. An application form is sent to the candidates, which has to be filled out with all their details, and then this form has then got to be sent back, with two passport photos, signed on the back, and a copy of their Level 2 certificate (We can always obtain a copy of this certificate from Students Records). We also send a copy of “Scheme Rules for the Nationally Accredited...