Stephanie Zou
  2:00 AM 31/November/2009 a rented house
    “Donna! No, please!”Terry Smith bolts upright from his bed and screams. He is trembling with fear and sweat breaks out on his forehead. He often wakes up with the same terrible nightmare of his girlfriend Donna Karen over and over .He dreams that Donna commits suicide. When he wakes up, he can not fall asleep again.
    Terry slowly walks to the sofa and sits, simply staring at the floor, wondering where Donna is. “Buzz, buzz…”The phone is vibrating on the desk. Terry rushes toward to the desk, grabs the telephone, and nervously answers.
    “What? You got a wrong number, bye." Terry drops the phone and goes back to the sofa with bowed head and doleful heart. “Mom, what should I do? I just want to be with my true love. Is that so difficult?” Terry says to himself. Apparently, this calling is not from Donna Karen that makes Terry upset. He continues to call Donna, “The phone you are calling is powered off.” Thus, Terry sits in the sofa until the daybreaks and he goes to work with an exhausted shuffle.
                        * * *
    One month ago, Terry went to the store that Donna has been working here for three years, but her workmates claimed they did not see her. After that, he couldn’t get hold of Donna anymore. According to Donna’s personality, she would not contact him no matter what happens. So, where was she? Terry couldn’t help feeling a pang of sadness.
    Terry’s girlfriend Donna was a simple girl who grew up in the orphanage, but she never complain about anything. Also, she was the only person whom sincerely treated Terry excepting his mother.
    Mrs. Smith was a genial and decent mother to Terry. Unfortunately, Mrs. Smith was passed away when Terry was a teenager.
    Then Terry flashed back to that night seven year ago.
    10:00 pm 26/July/2002 JPL hospital
    Terry lingered outside the emergency room...