Pamper Your Car

Pamper Your Car On Christmas and New Year

There is something about festivals that makes them fun to chase specially on a festival like Christmas. The moment it comes, you dream about the next round of back-to-back parties, plan to enjoy your vacation with your family or friends, pamper your family or friends with gifts (as you didn’t for the whole year, you got a chance to please them up), strategize for best bargains, look out for cool collections to stock up your closet, check out holiday deals and talk about losing that little bit of weight.   But ever thought of doing something great for your car which always helped you reach office on time (blame the traffic if you didn’t or until and unless you have a car that does not start without being pushed from the back), given you an excuse to make to your girlfriend when you reach late on your date, “The fu #*@ car broke down on the middle of the road” and things you must have never noticed before( paying for fuel and maintenance is an exception).
Get on your toes this Christmas to repay your car whatever it did for you. Pamper your car this Christmas with all the accessories you can. Here are the list of some of the accessories you can pamper your car with:
1. Car Seat Covers:
  Automobile seat covers play a vital role in protecting your car seats as well as your comfort. Car seat covers are made from fabrics like polyester cotton and poly cotton.   The right kind of the seat cover fabric can be easily selected once you know your nature of use and nature of interest.
2. Car Mats:
Car Mats are an excellent way to keep your vehicle looking and feeling new. Every day mud, sand, slush, and debris are tracked into your vehicle. Feel at ease knowing your vehicle's factory carpeting is protected.
There are types of Car mats available for example:
a. Rubber Car Mats
b. PVC Car mats
c. Carpet and Rubber Mats
d. Carpet Car Mats
3. Car Covers:
Car covers works as a breathable barrier by keeping moisture, dust...