Death of a Salesman

The play Death of a Salesman is about a family and its members living each in their own dreams. These dreams of each family member are illusions and not reality. Willy, the father of the family, dreams of having the perfect family. He also dreams of success for himself and his sons.   Biff, as a teenager, dreams of being a famous football player, but as an adult, dreams to own and live on a farm. Happy, the youngest son, dreams that he fits in with the Loman family and has his father"'"s love.  Willy"'"s wife Linda, dreams of Willy being happy.  Even though their dreams are realistic, they do not achieve them.  The play, Death of a Salesman, is an illusion of different dreams that do not come true. This essay will explain the importance of the theme dream and how this theme is applied to the real world.  

Themes such as lying, alienation and sex are also found. Lying is found throughout the play between the characters. '"'I realized what a ridiculous lie my whole life has been '"' said Biff to his father and to his brother. If they did not have their visions they would not have the need to live a lie.  Alienation is also found throughout the play. Willy the main character starts hallucinating and becomes mad. If Willy did not have his vision he would not have been alienated.  Sex is found in the play. If Willy and Happy did not have their dreams, they would not take their sexual impulse outside the home. In conclusion, Willy died because of his dreams. He had life insurance that would give his wife Linda, twenty thousand dollars. In Willy"'"s mind, this money could be used for bills, food but most of all Linda"'"s happiness. Willy dreamed for his family"'"s wellbeing and like him we do too.  

Dreams can be found in every household. Like Willy, everyone has dreams and visions for their family. Most people want to be successful and have successful kids. Most people want to share love and be loved.  It is very common for one to wish and dream about such things....