Chapter 1
Background of the study
We live in a fast changing world were the usage of technology is highly prevalent. The technology today plays a big role in the everyday life of people. Newspaper and other print ads and yellow pages are starting to die due to e-book and other applications that are downloadable thru the internet. But how did all these things work? One of the major factors that could help applications and other internet-based creations can never reach the outside world without web hosting. Understanding web hosting can be confusing to make it simple readers can imagine it this way. If your computer was a television, the domain would be the channel button on your remote, the hosting provider would be the television station and the host server would be the video bank at the television station broadcasting the recorder programs you watch. Therefore, the server stores your website and “broadcasts” it to any internet browser that enters the domain name. But servers can be configured to provide a number of different website types. To clearly understand how a particular hosting package can benefit you, the goals and needs of the website should be planned in advance.
Gone are the days that kids play games outside their home like ball games and other stuffs. Technology has change the way of life, wii, game boy, tablets and other game consoles marked the birth of digital age. Children of this age are the ones who are highly affected of this sudden change in the way of living. A lot of games are being developed but based on some observations; these games are not beneficial at all. Developing a strategic game would help children to develop their critical thinking skills. There’s a stereotype today that the children are very technology-dependent or as other people say” we live in a world of smart phones and dumb people”. Developing meaningful games that would help the children to enhance their skills and stop the stereotypical claims from other...