Plot Summary Chapter One

Plot Summary
ChaPter One: ChamPagne BillY

Billyispreparingtorunawayfrom!.o':andwealsolearnhehatesschool'Heleavesa toinis father, terting him that he is "reaving note and a bot e o."*onioe on the t"[i. and alcohol wilt ,pr!ili. t"in"r ny taking h-is cigarettes home". Bilty is we' aware tnat he well as O"gint to OescriUe his feelings' as -he and seems to gain ;;t'"frJ'r. from tnis.Eiii' leaves

has nowhere to go when he intt his actions. We learn his age; sixteen, ;;.-ii"i;g in as a "dump" that not even fit for the home. Bitly describ"; ih; nJt" he has dog to live in. down truck that no-one cares about fixing we now see the place he lives in, the broken still ,,grrass unmown dourr"'ln;-';ni *indows in the Spencer house in a eii," Billy ,"t# to hi' otn violence and destructiveness as: broken/ frcm New Grf Billy when he refers to this place past incident. The ,"ll"i i""t, ,yt'path;[ lo*"tOt his High School before he leaves "My street. My sun-un.; eitty mif"! on. i""t uiiit toclassro-om window' He reveals that gramli's tl.r9 town. His reuetliouJnatri" ino*, as ne n" did at school. He likes the creek and its cqee"x he spent as many ij'-r'"t w"ttti"rO "ihis home and suburb is striking' cree1 and


";;;; t"i'ii"

beauty. rne


this theme of flight and freedom' feature here and It is also significant that birds, symbols are iitioOuced here' He loves books and they is continuecLPirry's ioul-ot oaOng is atso in a fT 3,1"" ride "wesf"' He rides his escaoef6illv climbs aboard Billv is

o," oiin" ][#;T;ffiii""riLpp"o 1o "n "tnpty-tt"ighi.ttain within a very the owner of the "'i""iaees. by Ernie'. ih; i;; iriver, who is also freezing and is Oit"o*iJt"J in his treatment of Billv' Billy draws a speedboat. emie,J-:rs ;;;";;.r:. ano [ina generosity grlie own father' Ernie's are - his friendliness'


and his comparison uetween his own father has none of oi tnE simple nlealyres in'iite, imprving ]!at 'U1."ifing and appreciation a...