Chapter Summeries

Chapter Summaries
Chapter 2,3,5,7 Summary
The novel starts with telling the readers that its 12:07, and that there is a dog lying on the grass on Mrs. Shear’s lawn thinking it’s asleep. He recognizes the dog as Wellington, Mrs. Shear’s dog. However he then realised the dog had been killed. There was a garden fork sticking out of him. He pulls the fork out of him and holds it in his arms; ms shears comes out and assumes that Christopher had killed the dog.
We later find out that the narrators name is Christopher, who is 15 years and 3 months and 2 days old, and we get introduced to a character by the name of Siobhan who suggest he writes a novel.
Chapter 11 Summary
Chapter starts with the police at Mrs Shear’s house and Christopher stating that he liked the Police because they have uniforms and that everyone knows what they are meant to be doing. The police asked Christopher questions about the dog to a stage where his head started to spin. The police grabbed his shoulder to help him up, this is when Christopher hit him. He doesn’t like it when people touch him.

Chapter 17-31 Summary
Christopher has now been arrested for assaulting a police officer and has been bought to the police station where his dad is called. He is let off with a warning.
In Christopher’s pockets there were:
A Swiss army knife
A piece of string
A wooden puzzle
3 pellets of rat food for Toby (his pet rat)
key for front door.
Chapters 41 Summary
Christopher apologizes to his father about making him drive all the way to the police station, and tried to assure him that he hadn’t killed Wellington. He then states that he is going to find whoever killed the dog, his father isn’t impressed and tell him to keep his nose out of other peoples businesses.
Chapter 43 Summary
Christopher begins to explain to the audience how his mother died 2 years ago (supposedly). He explains how when he got him no one was there so he let himself inside the house then an hour and a...