Chapter 4

I remember it like it was yesterday, the first day of school. How excited I was to be going to school just like my older brother. With my new cloths and my new school gear I was the coolest kid around. I remember the school so clearly, to the left an open field filled with rabbits and a little further down the road Oak Ridge. It looked so great, so big, so many people. I stepped out of the car and for the first time I was on my own. Walking into school by myself just like a big kid, I ran into the principle Mr. Burg or as I called him Mr. Bird, he was so nice he new everyone’s name and to this day he still remembers my name. that year in school was great I had a great teacher and made the greatest friends.
The next year when I finally took that step into grade school was even greater. I still had the best teacher and the best of friends. There were bigger people and I was in a bigger part of school. Lunch was the best so much to do now that I was in grade school kick ball, tether ball, hand ball, ext. there was a big open field with so many possibilities. So much freedom life was great.
The following years were the same, but it had yet to get boring. I became that tether ball champion no one could beat me, I thought I was awesome, I was beating all the older kids. And hand ball, don’t even get me started I new all the move, rainbows, slider, butt cracks, I had it made.
My family life during those years were the best its ever been. There were never any fighting, never any disagreements, and never any hatred. Everyone was so happy and got along. I did what I was told and got away with every little thing that I thought was so rebellious. I did good in school and I was on track with everything. Not a care in my life, everything was taken care of for me and everything was so easy.
My friends ere even better than my family life. I had so many friends but none better that my best friend Rocky. I new I could count on him whenever I was in a jam. We hung out everyday...