Chapter 1

Moral Failure in The Great Gatsby "novel

Moral Failure the Great Gatsby
In many instances, moral failure has always been a major drawback to human morality and ethics. Every society has its ethical and moral practices that its members have to exercise adherence to. Moral failure is a negative aspect in every society. It causes increased human problems as well as underdevelopment since it entertains corruption. In every societal setup, there are laid down procedures on how to deal with the members who go against the key moral practices in any given society. In the ‘novel’ The Great Gatsby, several instances of moral failure have been exhibited by the main actors such as Daisy, Tom and Jay Gatsby. A coherent analysis of the characters shows a significant aspect of moral failure as shown by the key characters in the novel. Specifically, this paper seeks to examine the behaviors of the main characters that are intended to perpetrate the aspect of moral failure.
Fitzgerald makes the use of characters in the novel to illustrate the illusionary of the American dream as well as acts of corruption. The apparent accomplishment of the American Dreams neither gives peace and joy nor does it give completion, but in its place, it acts as a source of trouble for the novel characters. What happens to Nick Carraway, Jay Gatsby, and Daisy Buchanan is a manifest representation of the collapse of the American dream
Each character in the novel is viewed as having own dreams as far as the success comes their way. For instance, Nick Carraway has a goal to find a person whose life achievement could act as a proof that the American dream is not a delusion. For Daisy Buchanan, her dream is to become rich as well as attain a higher standard of living, but for this fortune, she has paid the price. The price entails going against her heart and her constancy to the unconditional love by Gatsby. The tenure of power and money can provide fulfillment of pride and...