Chapter 1 Biilogy

Growth: the increase in size and number of cells of an orgasms.
Development: all changes that take place between conception and death fertized eggs new born, adult ,aging
Adaptation: modifications that make an organism better suited to its way of life
  a. Predators. built of speed and strength
  b. Nocturnal. see good at night
Evolution:   all living thing have a   common ancestors and are adopted to a particular way of life.
Living thing belong to a population: group of different population form communities & communities interacting with their environment form of ecosystem.
Ecosystem: includes concept of interaction between population (food chain & exchange of gases with the physical environment.
Science: a human endeavor that considers what is the observable by the senses (smell ,touch,sound ,sight,taste, also pain chemical balance .sometime scientists use instruction to extend the senses.
Chemistry :study of chemical that compose the world.
Physics : study of the law & properties of nature or the physical   world.
Mathematics:   the measurement   & calculations   of the stuff on earth.
Scientific method: step by step solving problem in science utilized by scientists.(scientists   used to understand phenomenon   & gain new knowledge.
Parts on microscope: eye piece 10-15x,focus,fine focus,objective lenses 4-100x,sample on slide ,stage,condenser,diaphragm iris or disc, light source lamb or mirror,base.
Scientific method:
step 1 observation: simplify identifying some phenomenon.
Step 2 problem or question:usually ask the question why
Step 3 hypothesis: a tentative explanation to the question or problem based on past observation
Step 4 testing the hypothesis : experiment to prove or disprove the hypothesis.
Step 5 collection of data and analysis :result of experiment   is known as data
Step 6 conclusion:   result of experiment support or no
Step 7 theory : conceptual scheme supported by the board rahge of observation.
Control group:   a second setup...