Leadership Change


Implementing a Leadership Change

University of Phoenix
LDR 531/Michael Plesko
April 12, 2010

Implementing a Leadership Change
“Change is the only dependable constant in life as well as in business.   This being the case, the manner in which change is administered or managed can play a detrimental part in the success or failure of an organization. Change management is defining and implementing procedures and/or technologies to deal with changes in the business environment and to profit from changing opportunities (TechTarget, 2007-08).”
      Gene One, a biotech industry company has been on the cutting edge of technology for a company that is relatively young.   Only having been in existence for eight years, the gains that have been made with eradicating disease in tomatoes and potatoes has been groundbreaking.   However, a much needed change needs to come if they want to continue to grow.
      Don Ruiz, the CEO, feels in order to be viable in years to come the company needs to become a public corporation.   There were two goals that as a company were set; annual growth targets of 40% each year for the next three years and finding additional funding in order to introduce new products.
      Along with the two goals that as a company were set, the end vision that all of the siblings can agree upon are: involve the key stakeholders, identify strategic objectives with wide appeal, identify relevant elements in the old ideology, line the vision to core competencies, evaluate the credibility of the vision, and continually assess and refine the vision.
“Life is change.   Growth is optional.   Choose wisely.”
As siblings of Don Ruiz, we all share differing opinions on whether the company should go public.   Tim feels that the company is not ready to go public because all the “leaders” of the company are not all on the same page.   Tim feels that Michelle is apprehensive due to corporate compliance issues, Teri is...