Celta - Language Related Task

Language Related Task - CELTA

|Marker Sentence:                                                               |Marker Sentence:                                                               |
|Since then, the intrepid traveller has cycled through 37 countries.             |... two of them were stolen ...                                                 |
|Concept:                                                                       |Concept:                                                                       |
|Since a certain time which was highlighted in the previous text (ie. 8 years   |Two items have been taken   illegally.   We don’t know what has been stolen but   |
|ago), a keen explorer and brave person (Keiichi) has made a very long journey   |it implies that there must still be at least one (in fact we know that Keiichi |
|on a bicycle which has taken him through 37 countries – so far.   The intrepid |has had 5 bikes).   The ACT of theft happened in the past – this is indicated by|
|traveller is the subject, the ‘doer’ and therefore this is active.             |the auxiliary ‘were’.   And we know that the action is finished because they are|
|                                                                               |not being stolen now.   They were stolen – complete action.                     |
|                                                                               |The passive form is being used.   The thieves are doing the action of stealing   |
|                                                                               |on the bikes.   (We know that ‘them’ refers to the bikes).                       |
|                                                                               |The   bicycles are the recipient subject of some action (they were stolen BY     |
|                                                                               |somebody).   If it were active, it would be “The thieves stole two of them”.   We|