Celta Assignment 1: Language Related Tasks

Assignment 1: Language related tasks
Sentence 1: She needn’t have got up so early.
Level: Intermediate
  a) Analysis of meaning:
  * “Needn’t have refers to something which took place but was unnecessary” (Parrott, 2010). Her getting up so early was unnecessary.
  * “Need not have does not mean the same as did not need to. When we say that somebody did not need to do something, we are simply saying that it was not necessary (whether or not it was done).”
  * The past participle of the phrasal verb “get up” refers to the action [in the past] of rising out of bed
------------------¦got up¦-------------------------------------------------¦NOW¦-------------

  b) Context:
Jessica got up at 6am to bring Tom to the airport, but Tom had already left for the airport by taxi.
Student: She needn’t have got up so early

  c) Checking students understanding:
  * Was it necessary for Jessica to get up at 6am? No
  * Why was it not necessary for Jessica to get up “so early”? Because Tom had already left in a taxi.
  * Is there a time when you have done something that you needn’t have done? Last Friday I cycled to university, but the lecture was cancelled. I needn’t have gone.

  d) Highlighting Form:
  * She             needn’t               have                   got up               so early
Subject   +   need not   +   perfect infinitive   +   past participle
  * Need not is contracted to form “needn’t” – the missing vowel is represented by the apostrophe (‘).
  e) Highlighting Phonology:
She   needn’t have     got up       so early
            /ˈni:dntəv/       / ˈgɒtʌp/
  * Highlight that “needn’t have” and “got up” are examples of connected speech.
  * Highlight that in this example both “not” and “have” are used in their weak forms
  * The stresses in the sentence are on “need”, “got”, “so” and “early”

Sentence 6: My brother is very ambitious.
Level: Pre-intermediate
  a) Analysis of Language:
The “Graded adjective”...