Language Related Tasks Assignment


The aim of this assignment is to help you become more aware of language systems and their underlying meaning, and to demonstrate your ability to analyse language for teaching purposes.

In order to complete the language tasks, you will need to research the language thoroughly using suitable grammar books, course books, dictionaries and websites. Please reference the books you used to help you complete the assignment.

You will be expected to show you can:
• apply your theoretical study to devise ways of communicating the meaning, form and pronunciation of language in the classroom;
• anticipate problems learners are likely to have with the language and think of solutions to overcome these problems.  

A copy of this assignment is on the student portal so that you can download a copy to   type your answers onto.

Assessment criteria
Successful candidates can demonstrate their learning by:
• analysing language correctly for teaching purposes
• correctly using terminology relating to form, meaning and phonology when analysing language
• accessing reference materials and referencing information learned about language to an appropriate source
• using written language that is clear, accurate and appropriate to the task

LENGTH: 750 - 1000 words


She’s looking forward to going on holiday.   (Pre-intermediate level)

How would you write the form on the board for students?

look forward     +   to   +   verb + ’ing’

Write two anticipated problems and solutions for the form.

Problem Solution

1. Ss use the wrong part of the verb.               Highlight form on the board E.g. ‘Look forward to go ...’                         and model and drill.
2. Students leave out ‘to’.                             Highlight form and model and                                                                 drill.

Write three concept questions (with answers) to...