Language Related Task (Celta)

CELTA - Assignment 1 – Language Related Tasks

Iman Abdi

  A) I’ve been waiting here for two hours.
Level: Intermediate
  1. Characteristics
  i) Meaning
I started waiting 2 hours ago.
I’m still waiting here.

  ii) Form
{Subject}   + {have/has} + {past participle (been)} + {present participle}

  iii) Pronunciation:
Contraction of I have to I’ve.
Been has a short / i /.
Stress falls on the first syllable of waiting / Wei /

  2. Context & Eliciting
Show picture 1 of a man sitting at a bus stop with a clock above his head. The time is 2pm.
Show picture 2 of the man still sitting at the bus stop, but the clock now says 4pm and he looks angry while looking at his watch.

Ask - What is he doing? He’s waiting.
How long for? 2 hours.
Is he still waiting? Yes.
To elicit – “so give me a sentence. I’ve...’’

  3. Anticipated Difficulties
  * Subject + have/has+ past participle (been) + present participle. Students might say “I’m waiting for 2 hours” or ‘I have waited 2 hours’.   Possible solutions: Highlight form on board. Drill.
  * Students might incorrectly pronounce “been” by lengthening the “ee” /bi:n/ as appose to /bin/. Students might not use the contraction I’ve.
Possible solutions: Model using fingers. Drill.
  * Students might say “I’m waiting for 2 hours” instead of “I have been waiting….”
The present perfect continuous should be used as it’s a measure of duration of the action up to now. Possible solutions: Illustrate a timeline on the board.

  4. Concept checking questions

Was he waiting 2 hours ago? Yes.
Is he still waiting now? Yes.

  B) It suits you – versus – it fits you
Level: Intermediate
  1. Characteristics

  i) Meaning

“Suits” -

It looks good on you.
The style is right for you.
The colour is right for you.

“Fits” -

It’s the right size for you.
It’s not too big for you.
It’s not too small for you.

  ii) Form

For both:...