Catering Services

For as long as people have existed they have felt the need to provide food at different events where people gather, the trade of providing food service at various locations is called Catering. There are various events for which catering can be practiced, some good examples can be: providing catering services to the guests at a wedding, catering to a group of students in an educational institution, providing food and beverages to people watching a football game in a pavilion and the list could go on. But it’s the idea behind the origin of this practice, which makes the whole concept interesting.
According to historians the origin of fine cooking as well as catering trades dates back in China in the 4th millennium BC. On the other hand in ancient Greece the catering trade basically originated from the common practice of hospitality which was given for free. This was developed and continued in the Roman Empire, first as accommodations and food for soldiers along trading routes and later for travelers.
The renewed face of catering came to origin during the early middle ages in monasteries in Europe which basically attended to the needs of the several pilgrims on the way to Rome.
In the later Middle Ages the church deeply influenced the catering trade, in fact the booming of trade, the newly developed middle class, the change in economy and the growth in transport all the factors added on to the increasing popularity of catering industry.

The catering industry spread widely in Germany during the 14th – 15th century which drew the attention of the legislation. This resulted in the first ‘Beer Inspection’ in 1530 the licenses were paid by Augsburg Elector and also in the same year ‘Reformation Gutter Policy’ law was passed which changed many regional laws and policies. After that a new set of rules and regulation was issued for the inns and hostels which led to the regulation regarding the quantity, quality, serving style, portion etc of the liquor...