Product Launch

Product Description
      Wine would go well with a fine homemade gourmet meal. KFF is packed with some of the finest wines from around the world. Wine selections are collected from around the world and sold to customers at affordable prices (UOP, 2009). The wines from KFF are selectively chosen. The description of wine is not so easy; because every individual has his or her own taste that he or she is looking for in a wine. Common description for wine would be the flavors, balance, bright, clean, bold, crisp, dry, dull, elegant and so on. In the marketing perspective in selling wine KKF should differentiate their wine from their competitors.
Targeting and Positioning
When selling wine Kudler must focus their business competence on the specific groups and buyers. Kudler will need to target those segments their other competitors cannot offer. This will be their differential advantage. KFF needs to target those who have the ability and willingness to purchase wine.
Once KKF has targeted their market, they need to position their wine products. When positioning the wine products, KFF needs to see the mind of their customers and they need to distinguish their company’s product and brands from those of their competitors. In a winery’s perspective positioning the wine should involve the developed, price, promotion and distribution.
The reasons for a SWOT analyses is to help examine the environment the KKF is in.

|Strength                                                   |Weakness                                                       |
|Personal relationship with staff                           |Specialty shops with high payroll                             |
|Repeat customers                                           |Small management teams with overwhelming responsibilities     |
|Affordable prices                                         |Hours of operations (11 am to 12 am)                           |
|Quality of product...