What unwanted reactions might you encounter when trying to convince the committee to accept your proposal for a new service?
There are several different reactions that I may encounter in the process of expecting my proposal for a new idea. Members of the committee may not see my view on why Café Cater would be a positive idea for the Riverview Plaza. Other members of the committee may have had a much different idea of attracting other business professionals to the Riverview Plaza.

What steps may you take to ensure you convey the purpose of your message to the audience?
I would help them to understand the reasoning for Café Cater by explaining how this new service is going to save time by not having to go out and get food on any occasion. Café cater delivers fresh gourmet food directly to homes and other businesses in the area . Café Cater has a great cafeteria that will attract people to the Riverview plaza. The café is open late so that people that work late can be there to cater to there needs. This Café was designed for the needs of Digi Tech. Everything you asked of a new service will be answered by Café Cater. I would remind the committee of the important ideas I was trying to incorporate in making a new service for the Riverview Plaza. The idea was to increase effiency of operations and still keep the current employees happy. My thought is that food is a very important part of daily life and everyone needs it. A catering service would attract many people and keep the employees happy and while keeping people happy by catering to them and providing them with great food increase effiency of operations.