Product Offering

Kudler fine foods (KFF) is a small bakery that is known for its great meats, seafood, wine and pastries. There are three different locations all in California. All three locations are doing extremely well so there have been plans for expansion. There is going to be a launch of Kudler Fine Foods in England. In order for KFF to make a mark in another country they have decided to add catering to help with marketing and promoting its great foods.
In order for KFF to have a successful launch of the bakery through catering there are marketing needs that must be met. Catering is a great method to use in order to target a larger audience. England is a very large country so marketing the catering aspect of the business will help bring more customers and more money. Certain groups of people need to be targeted so doing research and promoting what KFF has to offer to organizations that have events and are known for eating healthy would be a great example and idea for KFF to use.
Local marketing is very good for targeting a specific audience. KFF must use local marketing to tailor the needs and wants of the local groups in England. This includes neighborhoods, trading areas, stores, companies etc. The key as Kotler and Keller states is “to not to sell something, but to demonstrate how a brand can enrich a customer’s life” (pg 118). They must focus on marketing health related issues with the foods and wines that are sold and also the great taste and what KFF has to offer and what makes them different from other bakeries.
SWOT analysis the first phase of planning and it helps marketers to concentrate on the key issues.   It is a tool used for auditing a company and its environment.   SWOT stand for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.   Kudler Fine Foods wants to expand their business to England and at the same time offer a new service to its customers.   In order for Kudler Fine Foods to be successful in this expansion they will have to come up with a strategy...