Carl Robbins Case Study

New Campus Recruiter
Too much too soon for the ABC, Inc. new campus recruiter Carl Robbins, who after just six months on the job along with his inexperience became too much for him after hiring 15 new trainees on his first recruitment effort. This was the beginning of many things to go wrong for Carl Robbins, his attempt for a smooth transitional orientation, was hoping to have the15 newly hired trainees working for the Operations Supervisor Monica Carrolls by July.
Carl Robbins did everything he was supposed to do to meet the July deadline by scheduling a new hire orientation for June 15th. On May 15th the Operations Supervisor Monica Carrolls contacted Carl Robbins concerning several tasks that had to be completed before the June 15th date, such as the training schedule, orientation, manuals for each trainee, policy booklets for each trainee, physicals and drug testing, all which Carl Robbins assured Monica Carrolls that all tasks were going as scheduled.
Shortly after Memorial Day, Carl began reviewing the new trainee files; this is when Carl Robbins found several problems that concerned him. Carl Robbins found that some of the new hire trainee applications were incomplete, drug screening on the new hire were not completed, and some of the orientation manuals were not completed as some manuals were missing pages.
After all that Carl Robbins decided to check the status of the conference room that Carl had reserved for the new hire orientation, where Carl Robbins encountered Joe, a technology service man setting up computers, Carl approached and questioned Joe, Joe informed Carl that he had reserved the conference room for the entire month of June.
Carl’s Key Problems
  Carl was new himself only employed for six months
      Carl had no one to guide him with company procedures that are   set in place
      Carl needs an organized checklist
      Carl had no one to delegate to
      Assuring the Operations Supervisor Monica Carrolls that...