Case Study

Running head: CASE STUDY FOR ABC, INC.

Case Study for ABC, Inc.
Tom Stuart
University of Phoenix
Essentials of College Writing
Nancy Fraleigh
March 16, 2010

Case Study for ABC, Inc.
      As I review the chain of events that led to Carl’s panic, one has to begin to wonder what and where things did began to unravel. There were a number of mistakes and miscalculations that I observed from: Carl’s orientation to the ABC Inc, Carl’s ability to follow through, Carl’s ability to stay calm under pressure and how he interacted with fellow employees.   Nevertheless, one has to wonder; did the new hires complete orientation and start by July as Carl was hoping?   As a Human Resources professional I can attest to the importance of staring employees on the right foot and to keep them on track we must follow up to ensure policy is being followed.   Carl himself was a relatively recent hire and should be versed on the proper procedures for new hires.   The key to the success of new employees is how you orientate them to the organization.   Get them started on the right foot will ensure new hires understand the proper protocol and company policies.
      Carl was hired as a new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc.   Having been on the job for six months, this was his first recruitment effort, one has to wonder what has Carl been doing leading up to this successful effort?   Carl started six months prior to this new group of employees were to be hired. We have to explore how Carl was introduced in to the company and who was Carl’s supervisor and support system throughout the first six months.   There appears to be a breakdown in how Carl was introduced into the standard operation procedures of ABC Inc.   Carl recruited 15 new hires, but did not ensure their paperwork was completed to satisfaction.
      Carl hired 15 new trainees for the Operations Supervisor; he scheduled the orientation to take place on June 15 with the new hire start date around the first of July....