Case Study of Abc

Case study of ABC, Inc. hiring process

As a company, the ABC firm needs to work on setting concrete guidelines and procedures for the hiring of new employees and scheduling of its resources.
While ABC, Inc. seems to have some policies in place (mandatory drug testing, manuals, physicals, etc) the procedure for implementing these policies seems flawed.   Was there a procedure in place for scheduling of the training room?   Did the recruiter have access to all of the resources that he would have needed to be successful?   Or, is the problem just that the company hired an ineffective recruiter?
Take the central problem, and place it in a context for the reader providing background information about the case. Do not reiterate or rehash the facts stated in the case. Rather, place the case in a research context. The background section demonstrates to the reader that you have conducted research, either academically or in the field, regarding the types of problems that the case study describes. Be sure that your written presentation focuses on your diagnosis of the problems on the most important issues.
Key Problems
The first person responsible for the failure of this project is the recruiter.   Though inexperienced, he should have been able to handle the responsibilities that accompanied his position.   He was provided adequate time to prepare for the orientation of the new hires, yet failed to manage that time effectively.   He was aware of various company policies regarding the hiring of new employees (drug testing, application process, orientation) yet failed to adequately plan for any of them.   For example, had he checked the conference room’s scheduling log earlier, he may have found that it was booked and had time to make alternative plans.   Or, if scheduled early enough, he may have found that the room had not yet been booked and been able to reserve it for his needs.
The next person responsible for the failure of this project is...