Career Development Plan

Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) was founded by Kathy Kudler as a gourmet grocery store, for shoppers who were looking for the finest meats, wines, cheese, and produce. Kudlers Fines Foods has three location throughout California, La Joella, Del Mar, and Encicitas and is looking to start a fourth store in Carlsbad, California.
As KFF strive to be successful and to continue grow the management structure has remained the same. Kathy is primary operations manager for all three stores, she is also the overseer of purchasing functions, and also keeps track of inventory at all locations, this is because there is no purchasing department at any of the location even though there is a standard purchasing procedure. I recommended that KFF hires five new employees, one purchasing manager and four purchasing clerks; one clerk for each store. I believe that it is crucial to hire a purchasing manager that can focus on considering prices, the quality of the product; the availability of the product, how reliable is the company that the products come from, and the technical support when choosing merchandise and suppliers. The purchasing manager will find the best deal for the company, this means that we will receive the highest quality goods and service at the lowest cost.
Job description and qualification for Purchasing Manager.
Job description
Purchasing Manager has a crucial role in the company’s merchandising system that performs a wide range of customer wants and needs. The purchasing manager will be responsible for purchasing merchandise from wholesale company or directly from manufacturers that resale to the public. Purchasing manager will also have to determine which products will sell, for that reason they will need to know what will attract customers. It is very important for the purchasing manager to keep up with the newest trends by research using catalogs, trade journals, and industry and company publication. Purchasing manager will monitor competitor’s sale activities by...