Career Development Plan Part Ii

Career Development Plan Part II
Olla S. Bartlett
University of Phoenix
Human Resources 531
[ June 1, 2011 ]
Tina R. Walker

Career Development Plan Part II
This paper will detail the exciting new plan for mentoring and training within Inter- Clean. “Global domination will start soon” is the new inspiring slogan. The Inter-Clean executives are focusing resources and energy to ensure the planning for the next stage of development is successful. Since the acquisition of Enviro- Tech incorporating the knowledge and skill of the trained personnel into Inter-Clean is a priority for achieving the goal of market domination. The Strategic Workforce Plan will be detailed in conjunction with part I (Strategic Solutions).
Presenting the Strategic Workforce Plan
Restructuring the new sales team has begun. The analysis of the first evaluation is posted on the employee internet. Instructions are posted in individual company e-mail for next phase of introduced. The sales teams break down will be detailed later in this paper.
Specific training focus will start with product knowledge this is key sales personnel must have expert knowledge of products. Sales personnel should be prepared to answer clients’ questions concerning environmental impact of products. Knowledge of pricing and account maintenance are next in line. Now the mentoring program will be implemented in this section of training for all new sales team members. Maintaining of clients’ accounts will be stressed because of importance.
Maintaining high standards for client relationships will be a target focus in all aspects of the new global Inter-Clean. This will entail updates on the progress of their orders. Following from” factory to delivery” can be a slogan for the office of the sale department. Mentoring impact will be the strongest in these areas. For client relationships a fund will be set aside included in each sales person’s expense account for regular scheduled lunches or dinners.
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