Canada's Contributions to the Development of the International Community

History Argumentative Essay

Theme: Canada’s contributions to the development of the international community

Thesis paragraph:

Topic sentence: Canada has been involved in world affairs since the end of World War II

Focus sentence: Canada has been a strong supporter of both the concept and practice of a firm structure of international organization

Thesis: During the 20th century, Canada’s contributions to the development of the international community have been tremendously important.

First Paragraph

Topic: peacekeeping: a Canadian initiative

Topic sentence: It was Canada’s then Minister of External Affairs (now called foreign affairs) Lester B Pearson, who suggested the actual notion of the UN-led ‘peacekeeping’ force to the special emergency session of the General Assembly on November 2, 1956

Supporting sentences:

-                 One of the defining events in Canadian history occurred when Lester B. Pearson, future Canadian Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize winner, played a central role in the creation of UN peacekeeping. During the Suez Crisis, he proposed the establishment of a UN peacekeeping force to restore the peace.

-                 Pearson convinced the UN to set up UNEF (United Nations Emergency Force), the first United Nations peacekeeping force

-           UNEF keeps peace between rivals until settlement can be reached

-           UNEF wouldn’t fight unless attacked, instead it’d observe, investigate, mediate, and report back to UN General Assembly

Concluding sentence: Canada has continued to play a leading role in peacekeeping, and has been involved in almost every UN peacekeeping mission.

Second Paragraph

Topic: Declaration of Human Rights

Topic sentence: Used since its creation, a document that guarantees fundamental rights everyone is entitled to

Support sentences:

-                 John Peters Humphrey organized the Division for Human Rights in the United Nations Secretariat