How Do You Contribute to the Development and Implementation of Health and Social Care Organizational Policy in Your Own Role

How do you contribute to the development and implementation of health and social care organizational policy in your own role

Rositsa Georgieva

                                                              The Dental nurse

The dental nurse is usually the first person to receive a patient. This is an important occasion as a patient’s confidence in the practice may well be influenced by the appearance and manner of the dental nurse.
Me as a dental nurse I should be smartly dressed without going to extreme on fashion. Attention to personal hygiene is essential, not only as it affects appearance but also to ensure good results and prevent cross-infection in the surgery. Hair should be short or secured away from the face to prevent contact with working areas or equipment during close chairside assistance.
It is of the utmost importance for dental nurses to realize the extent of patients’ perception of the efficiency of a practice. The livelihood of a dental nurse as well as that of a dentist, depends on meticulous attention by the entire practice staff to the following requirements:
  * Maintenance of a high standard of cleanliness throughout
  * Adequate heating and ventilation
  * Careful planning of appointments and an efficient recall system
  * Strict confidentiality at all times
  * Ready availability of addresses and telephone numbers in case of emergency, building and equipment maintenance services ,taxis, public transport and welfare facilities
  * Orders for materials are precise
  * All practice staff are trained and regularly practiced in the safety policies concerning infection control, X-rays , Mercury hygiene, resuscitation, emergency procedures and fire drill
Cited :   C. Hollins 2007 “Levison’s textbook for dental nurses “
Nurses have a lot of responsibilities and duties in their day to day working activities, some are office duties and others are the surgery duties:
Office Duties
The reception and administrative duties...