Buy Nothing Day

A “Buy Nothing Day”
      “Buy Nothing Day”, a crazy and ridiculous proposal, is in fact a brought up
concept. It’s a day that promotes people to save their hard earned cash and also
for people to refrain from making purchases. This originated from Canada in 1992
meant to convey the excessive consumerism that’s happening throughout the
whole world. This proposal is overall a bad idea for an already frail and struggling
economy for the U.S.
    The economy right now in the United States is improving a bit, but it’s still in
need of help and is not out of the danger zone. A “24 hour consumer detox” in
the U.S. can be detrimental to the fragile economy. Statistics, like America’s
ecological footprint, show that it would take approximately about four extra Earth
planets filled with resources to help sustain us with goods, electricity, and among
other necessities. Big companies and shareholders need a constant flow of money
in order to become “satisfied” as well. Also, increased inflation could have a
potential to raise prices and increase deficit. This means that as consumers are
not buying a company’s or store’s products, the prices will rise higher and higher
to try and reach a daily quota or something along those lines. If goods aren’t
purchased, the supply and demand balance would ultimately be thrown off. “Buy
Nothing Day” has the potential to become catastrophic in the U.S. and based on
the U.S.’s consumerists ways it wouldn’t catch on that easily.
    Since “Buy Nothing Day” would be difficult to start in the U.S., a full day of not
purchasing products would be nearly impossible. People cannot go a day in their
lives without buying food, gas, or other “wants and needs”. Even major
corporations rely on consumers to buy their gimmicks and “popular” products all
in a way to receive quick and easy money and they will stop at nothing to
sure that their businesses are successful with fruitful results. From urban to...