Day Chocolate Case Study

The Day Chocolate Company case

Day Chocolate was established in 1998, as a manufacture that produces chocolate products in the United Kingdom.
The business of the company started when cocoa farmers together setup the Kuapa Kokoo. Instead of using government cocoa agents, the company would manage the selling process more efficiently by selling the cocoa on their own. Their mission is to give control to the local farmers and produce the cocoa on an environmentally friendly way. In the year 1998 the Kuapa Kokoo started a partnership with Twin Trading by establishing Day Chocolate Company, with the support of Christian Aid, The Body Shop and Comic Relief.


The company consists currently out of two brands: Divine Chocolate and Dubble. Furthermore the products are sold in all major supermarkets in the UK and in the year 2007 Divine went abroad to the USA.   The firm also received several awards for their business, such as the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2010, Good Housekeeping Food Award 2008 Winner and the Ethical Award 2008.
In this report we will answer case questions about The Day Chocolate Company, to increase our knowledge and understanding about the company and made a better understanding of our course by applying theory of the book. We will answer the following five case questions and end our report with a conclusion:
1) Describe the consumer segment Day Chocolate is aiming at.
2) Assess what makes the Day Chocolate such a strong brand (e.g., what is their competitive advantage, their strengths and weaknesses, customer equity etc.). In this, also describe the marketing mix for Day Chocolate (per marketing mix instrument).
3) Describe the general market trends in the chocolate market. Come up with opportunities and threats.
4) Considering the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, what should Day Chocolate do? Should they pursue the same market segments, with the same products?
5) The Day Chocolate...