Organization Options for Business Analysis

Organization Options for Business Analysis Draft Version 1.0

Prepared by:

Robert Sheesley

March, 2005

ABC Company Business Analysis

DRAFT. For Discussion Purposes Only.

This paper is focused on the discipline of Business Analysis at ABC Company. Part A will identify some of the key issues resulting from the current approaches for executing Business Analysis and the supporting organization structure. Part B will explore options to resolve these issues that take full advantage of already existing resources needed to support a new alignment. For the purposes of this paper, Business Analysis, broadly defined, includes the following activities: • Executing Business Planning o Support of the corporate vision and strategy development (including development of the overall business model and customer value proposition) o Definition of goals and objectives o Definition/scoping of business initiatives o Financial modeling o Roadmap (investment portfolio) development • Defining and Utilizing Business Architecture o Development of Business Architecture models (e.g. business processes) o Definition of business needs (e.g. business requirements and business rules) o Evaluation of Business Architecture for operational improvement opportunities and solution alternatives o Engagement in solution development (at an appropriate level to maintain business ownership and involvement) Business Analysis is not just about executing projects; it is about understanding the business and facilitating the right business decisions. Business Planning and Business Architecture t gether are required in order to set and carry out the o strategic direction of the organization; so it is therefore critical to be aware of and understand how they are designed to work in conjunction with one another. Although recent improvements in approaches and methods have begun to gain momentum, the current organizational structure at ABC Company is not conducive to effective Business...