Final Project Business Portfolio Presentation

SWOT Analysis
Axia College of the University of Phoenix


Does the venture have experienced creative leaders and researchers?

The founder of Market Camp, Paul Berry earned a MBA from the University of Oregon; and has experience in market research.

Does it have a well-developed and researched business model?

The research involved in the business model was accurate because the owner examined how many companies in Mexico City uses internet access; how many actual internet connections are available in Mexico and the growth per month of internet access available in Mexico City, Mexico. Mr. Berry understands the number of households and Businesses in Mexico that currently subscribe to the internet is low, compared to that of the United States. However, internet subscribers are growing moderately.

Does it have a well-designed product that better satisfies customers’ needs?

An internet-based product will open various markets to international businesses, which in turn will increase profits for all business that choose to use MarketCamp.

Are market segments accurately targeted?

A specific market segment is not definite in the MarketCamp business plan. MarketCamp seems to target the entire business community of Mexico City as the primary market.
Does its personnel have good marketing skills and the product, the right marketing mix?
The personnel of MarketCamp are part-time contractors; one of which, has experience in sales and management; the second contractor has experience in design and is proficient if the web.

Does it have an efficient operations and materials management system?

At this time, MarketCamp does not have adequate operations or a management system on place as Paul Berry is the sole-proprietor and the only person that knows how his business should be operated.

Are the distribution channels chosen and the sales force trained?

The business plan for MarketCamp does not specify whether its personnel are trained...